Mr Eternity: The Story of Arthur Stace

Mr Eternity: The Story of Arthur Stace

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Mr Eternity: The Story of Arthur Stace
Roy Williams and Elizabeth Meyers Acorn Press, 2017

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Product Description
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Almost every day for 35 years, Arthur Stace spent hours writing a single word – Eternity – on and around the streets of Sydney. Sometimes his mission took him much further afield, to country New South Wales and even to Melbourne. 

Stace’s identity was a mystery for more than two decades. Then, after his ‘unmasking’ in 1956, he became a reluctant folk hero. By the time he died, in 1967, his was a household name and the word Eternity was ingrained in the soul of Sydney. It still is. 

In this long-awaited biography, the full story of Arthur Stace’s life is told for the first time in vivid and often surprising detail. Drawing upon many original sources, some never before made public, this book will engross Christians and non-believers alike – anyone who loves a great Australian story. 

Key features
• The first biography of Arthur Stace to have been written – one of the world’s great graffiti artists and one of the most significant and interesting figures in Australian Christian history. 
• Includes new information from previously unavailable source material 
• Over 80 illustrations, both B&W within the text and in colour plates 
• Excerpts from personal communications with Arthur Stace 
• Extensive notes from a wide range of source material 
• Well written, with an engaging style of narrative 

Target readership 
• General readers with an interest in biographies and Australian history, and more specifically the local history of the city of Sydney. 
• Those with an interest in the history of the Christian church in Australia. 

Topics covered 
• Stace’s family history 
• Arthur’s early life as a working-class battler 
• His conversion to evangelical Christianity 
• How Arthur’s Christian faith motivated him 
• The key influencers in Arthur Stace’s life 
• Why Stace was inspired to write Eternity 
• How Arthur’s Eternity vision developed over time 
• The long-lasting impact of his life.
Author Biography
Roy Williams won the Sydney University Medal in law in 1986 and spent 20 years in the legal profession before turning his hand to writing. His first and best-known book, God, Actually (2008), was a defence of Christianity for the educated layperson. A bestseller in Australia on release, it has since been published in Britain and North America. Roy’s next two books – In God They Trust? (2013) and Post-God Nation? (2015) – focused on Australian history and society, and have been widely praised by believers and agnostics alike. Mr Eternity is his first full-length biography.